From “False Flags” to “Proxy Wars” it seems that the United States government is willing & able to do just about anything when they want their way, even get away with murder, literally! Now it seems like regardless of who is in power in Republicans or Democrats, something is always going on; I remember reading & watching a documentary by a ex-KGB agent who had fled to the USA, and he stated something along the lines of how it takes upwards to 15 years for a government to brainwash a population, now I might be off, so you might wanna follow through yourself..but I got a good memory, so I’m confident in what I write.

The United States had to previous Presidents, 1 who was assassinated and the other cashed in all his chips; JFK & Eisenhower, both gave addresses to warn the people of secret societies & military & industrial complexes..

Flash Forward to 2013….their is finally a glimmer of hope in humanity, as people across the world are beginning to awake from their “influenced” state of unawareness…With 9/11 & the recent Boston Marathon Bombings, one has to be able to see beyond what the government & media are feeding us, as the powers that JFK & Eisenhower were trying desperately to warn the people of, are in control of everything and anything that influences people….

We need to wake up and rise up


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