Is Apartheid taking place in Israel….Are they the Modern day Nazi’s?

With what has been happening in Israel/Palestine, I see no difference in what the Israeli Government & Military are doing from what the Nazi’s had been doing during their reign of terror…. What do you think?I know that Apartheid exisits in Israel, just look at what is happening with open eyes


3 thoughts on “Is Apartheid taking place in Israel….Are they the Modern day Nazi’s?

  1. lexborgia

    The only difference is that Israel isn’t rounding up People and taking them away to furnaces, but apart from that, it’s the same System, even down to the collective punishment concept and the ‘ten of yours for one of ours.’-whereby, unlike the Nazis, it’s usually more like 1-200 Pallestinian lives taken for every jewish life. I live in Germany, and I can say that Israel has learnt all the wrong lessons from what happened to them over here; they should be protecting the Palestinians and being an example to the world. Shameful behaviour.

    1. noholdinback416 Post author

      Lexborgia, I want to say thank you for your comment, and I agree with what you had to say; Israel has taken the wrong lessons and not chosen to protect the Palestinian people. They have chosen instead to make them live with the fear of not surviving 24 hours, and have them living in a “Gestapo” type era. It’s sad, how the world still does not intervene and stand up for Palestine and the Palestinian people…If we step out of our “realm of logic” and look at it differently, it is obvious that Israel or Israel controlled Corporations or backed governments are truly behind the continuation of such horrific behavior.

      1. lexborgia

        I have a post about it coming out at midnight, very direct and hard hitting, tough questions, harder truths, and as usual, I know the accusations of anti-semitism will follow it, because they are everywhere waiting to attack anyone who speaks out, to Keep us silent. After all, your life can easily be destroyed for speaking out.

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